Aline Veillat

Sino/Swiss Residency Exchange Programm 2009/10
Institute/Lab:  Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Artistic background: Digital Media


Aline Veillat was born in 1967 in Réunion Island in France and works and lives in Basel. She holds a PhD degree in Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts from Paris University and a MA degree in Digital Media from Lausanne Cantonal Art School. Her artistic work is based on her interest in the perception of space, and she often focuses on what is part of, or what constitutes the environment that influences the perception of space. As a consequence, the visitor’s mobility is crucial in her works, and they all end up as installations in which visitors can move around and explore. Aline’s works were exhibited, among other places, in the Kunsthalle Palazzo in Baselland, the kult.kino camera in Basel and the Migros Contemporary Art Museum in Zurich.


During her residency in China Aline Veillat intends to create artistic works in which she translates abstract and complex scientific data by building aesthetic relations giving the visitors the possibility to “feel” them. Conceived as a mix-media installation, the work will offer to visitors a bridge between number and phenomenon by taking them for an explorative walk through an environment influenced by the Chinese landscape approach.
Aline Veillat’s work reflects her artistic approach to scientific research. The core of her reasoning was to intertwine the scientific research of the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment in Chengdu (IMHE) with elements of Chinese culture and history.
The artist created her own small artistic laboratory within the IMHE lab. The “natural” soil of her research sample would be an artificial soil constituted of several stratums of different structures created with artefacts from Chinese culture (e.g. traditional blue and white dishes). This construction represents the foundation of today’s culture. Under the microscope, the structures of the

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