KIIT School of Biotechnology (KSBT)

The KIIT School of Biotechnology is located in Bhubaneswar, India.

KIIT School of Biotechnology (KSBT) was established in 2007 as a constituent of KIIT University to be the first institute in the state to have integrated academic and research programmes. The foundation of such an institute in Orissa has been undertaken with vision of developing a trained human resource in the promising field of biotechnology. By means of a simple vision of “Science for Society”, we work for making biotechnology available to the common masses.

With our team of young and experienced research faculty we conduct several society based research programmes and workshops.  We organize, sponsor and host guest faculty, national and international conferences and interaction sessions of well-known speakers for scientific growth of post graduate and research students besides having a personality development programme. Besides developing qualified personnel, KSBT has established a Technology Business Incubator facility (KIIT-TBI), for the promotion of entrepreneurs in making and juvenile industries. Association with several national and international laboratories allows collaborative research and also benefit growth and facilitate student scientific exchange programmes.

Indo-Swiss Residency Exchange 2011/2012 | pilot project
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